The Heart of R'N'R - 08 de enero del 2020 - Rock101
con Miguel Solis
10:00 - 12:00 h.
Aniversario GDL

The Heart of R’N’R – 08 de enero del 2020

Fecha de trasmisión: 8 enero, 2020

Programa: Radio Alicia

La consciencia de generaciones y generaciones mecidas y tocadas en su alma por la música del rock’n’roll nacida en la segunda mitad del siglo XX…

1. The heart of rock and roll                  Huey Lewis

2. Honey hush                                       Sleepy LaBeef

3. Rockin’ Robin                                    Bobby Day

4. Let’s have a party                              Wanda Jackson

5. Come back baby                                Ray Charles

6. It’s all for you                                      Ruth Brown

7. Love you to                                        The Beatles

8. Tokoloshe man                                  John Kongos

9. Homesick Blues                                 Hank Williams

10. Going to the country                         The Steve Miller Band

11. Blues stay away from me                  Sleepy LaBeeef

12. Driftwood                                          The Moody Blues

13. I’m looking for a woman                   Bo Didley

14. Love story                                        Jethro Tull

15. Matilda Mother                                 Pink Floyd

16. All in the game                                 Cliff Richard

17. Outcast                                             The Animals