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Teachers’ Night – 13 de mayo del 2022

Fecha de trasmisión: 13 mayo, 2022

Programa: Radio Alicia

La consciencia de generaciones y generaciones mecidas y tocadas en su alma por la música del rock’n’roll nacida en la segunda mitad del siglo XX…

1. To Sir, with Love                        Lulu
2. I don’t go for that                       Jimmy Reed
3. I don’t care who knows              Koko Taylor
4. The Stumle                                John Mayall & The Blues Breakers
5. These are the days of our lives    Queen
6. There’s a world                          Neil Young
7. There must be a someone         The Gosdin Brothers
8. Before the night is over             Jerry Lee Lewis & BB King
9. Tiger in your tank                       Muddy Waters
10. Don’t be messing around with      my bread                                 John Lee Hooker
11. Don’t leave me now                 Elvis Presley
12. How many more times             Led Zeppelin
13. Carry on wayward son             Kansas
14. Metal Guru                                T-Rex
15. Where do you all come from?  Mott The Hoople

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