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2003 …And This Is Our Music

Fecha de trasmisión: 10 marzo, 2017

Programa: Sonorock

…And This Is Our Music  es el noveno álbum de estudio de The Brian Jonestown Massacre , publicado el 7 de octubre de 2003.

1.The Wrong Way
4.Here to Go
5.When Jokers Attack
6.Prozac vs. Heroin
9.I Never Told You So”
Replaced by “What Did You Say? on the re-release at track 11.
10.You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up
11.Here It Comes
12.Prozac vs. Heroin Revisited
13.A New Low in Getting High
14.Some Things Go Without Saying
16.The Pregnancy Test
17.The Right Way